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Interested in Joining The Wyoming Mayflower Society?

Let's Get Started!

If you can prove direct lineal descent from one of the Mayflower passengers, we invite you to join!

The Membership Process

  • Contact our Historian by email and express your interest in membership. You can reach the Historian by emailing: [email protected]

  • The Historian will send you a Preliminary Linage Form that includes a synopsis of your line of descent. Complete this form and return it to the Historian.

  • The Historian will use your Preliminary Lineage Form to request a lineage match from Plymouth. Once information from that match, as well as information from the appropriate Mayflower Silver Book, is entered into your work-in-progress application, the Historian will contact you to discuss which generations require documentation. While it is your responsibility to locate these documents, the Historian is there to assist you to various resources and can help with your research efforts.

  • Once the application has been deemed complete by the Historian, you will be asked to submit a check payable to the Wyoming Mayflower Society for the application fee amount. The application, supporting documentation, and payment from the Wyoming Society to the Historian General of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants in Plymouth for review and verification by a staff genealogist.

  • Once Plymouth notifies the Historian of the verification of your application, you will receive an email notification from the Historian. The Historian will forward to you a copy of the verified application and your Membership Certificate – each will include your Wyoming Membership number and your General Society membership number!

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